Vrienden Fort Breendonk

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The Fort of Breendonk


Fort Breendonk, published by the Board of Directors of the National Memorial of Fort Breendonk, 1971 – A historical report on the Nazis’ crimes in the Breendonk camp. Accompanied by photos of its various sections, camp commanders, and a map of the camp. The report details all that is known about the Breendonk camp from the order of Karl Hesselbacher – commander of the German security police in Belgium, to establish the camp, the arrival of the first prisoners in September 1940, the harsh conditions of the prisoners beatings, forced labor, starvation, torture, and executions by hanging and other means. The evacuation of the camp in late 1944, and the Mechelen trial in which 12 SS men in various roles in the camp were sentenced to death. This is the third and complete edition including the chapter “A Day in Breendonk in 1943” – a chilling documentation of a former Breendonk prisoner describing the horrors that took place in the camp in one day. Among other things, he tells about how the Nazis tortured the Jews in various ways during forced labor, leaving them almost no chance of leaving the camp alive. This testimony was given before the War Crimes Investigation Committee in 1946 and is brought here in full.129 [1] pages. 17cm

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